Winter easy hairstyles

There are a variety of winter-hairstyles quickly and easily adapted to any situation or event. Take a look and get ready to steal the show! Get inspired for your winter just seems to take an overview of the trends spotted on runways. Rolls in the crowd and chic top knots braids, ponytails and girlish curls, you can shine through the holiday season with this quick and easy hairstyles. Want the time in which each girl the show with a flawless, oh-so-nice fun locks.Have steal then style your hair in this season! It is not necessary to achieve perfection, instead opting for a little messy hairstyles still clothed. Wearing a catchy accessories one of the easiest ways to refresh and your glam to do. To the buns nice and romantic Chanel discovered, first create a stripe on the side, bring your hair to one side to the back of the head and rolled into a bun. To use pins to secure it and add a valuable hair accessories for maximum savings are achieved always a single braid hairstyle in fashion because of its incredible versatility and practicality. In fact, this is one of the easiest styles that you can do in a moment, and always cool and super-feminine. Recently, the timeless braid was spotted everywhere from podiums in a variety of red carpet events prove that they are also a good option for special occasions.And a braided hairstyle is a good option to consider.Girls who are constantly under pressure, is quite difficult to spend time styling their hair. However, there are some quick and easy hairstyles that require little effort, skills and tools. In addition, they also look stunning, and surprisingly well for formal events. And a good example in this respect the already classic ponytail. With some adjustments to the pony will be updated in no time if they chicness and elegance breathes. One of the easiest tricks to add a festive touch for your pony, is a part of the hair and wrap hair around base.Another quick and easy pony is soft and sexy is semi-famous spirit updo.Keep leave a few flyaways frame your face for a sexy atmosphere. You can also opt for a more interesting style with a rugged look texture.Get by twisting a section of face-framing in a loose spiral on the front and put it on the back of the head. Or go for a flirt elegantly woven pattern updo.Another half back season after season, the glamorous style wavy and curly. In fact, the loops have the power to every look sensational in a luxury of turning wow dignified appearance. Start by having your hair and use a curling iron too easy to create sexy waves.


How to treat with cold and flu

Cold and flu are common diseases that almost everyone has ever got them .They will not bring fatal influence to our health directly, but they can make some disease such as bronchitis more serious .Besides, they can make us embarrassed in public, with cough,sneezing,and losing voice. They usually will remain for one or tow weeks, which is really bad for our daily life. So it is wise to treat them as soon as you notice some pre-symptom of them.


The treatment of soil and the influence is very simple and natural. Doctors also recommend natural treatment of colds and flu, but life is full. After completing the process of life is a huge mess of the body can be formed.

One morning you wake up cold and your nose stuck with you as breathing difficult for you. In this case, skip the rest of your body to fight the virus in nature. It helps the body to fight all its energy directly to the virus. With the nostrils closed, smelling mud on his head again, but the nose to get rid of it. Gently blowing your nose or ear pain.

Hot drinks should be used to treat colds and flu, which contributes to congestion and experience sore throat curious. The fresh or chilled drinks around. Influenza virus in the presence of cold, so try to keep your body warm to drink and eat hot food.

To increase the body's energy to a steam shower. This increases the body temperature is the inefficiency of virus in the body. To clean the nose and the menthol scent of eucalyptus, but it will also help heal your nose rubbed, and removal of irritation of the nose red.

Sleep with a pillow under your head at night, you feel comfortable, but also helps to unblock the nasal passages. Sore throat also comes with the cold and fly, which can be cured naturally gargle. Usually, the salt dissolved in hot water is used for gargling and is very effective in curing sore throat.


Make good use of shampoo

    A healthy hair results not just a clean lifestyle,but the plain old cleanliness.To maximum benefits for your hair out of the ritual washing, take the time to choose and buy the penniesFurther, a quality product that is suitable for your hair and scalp shampoo type.Mastering is even more important when you cleanse skin problems, dandruff or sensitive task scalp.The primary shampoo on the hair to remove anyexternal factors that affect the hair and make you dull.But beyond these cleaners contain active ingredients most shampoos your hair color to highlight the brilliance of hair, reduced fat, hydrate or nourish your hair when it is fragile, or helping to sort out yourhair.A huge selection of specific treatments on all the beauty of your hair to improve and protect the health of your scalp to choose from, so good.The first is to clean the hair.The second time it's the hair, if all impurities were removed to make the most of the assets Shampoo ingredients.But you note: this advice does not apply if you wash your hair frequently or daily.Frequent washing of hair is not it time to "absorb" a lot of impurities, so that there is no need to shampoo the hair washing twice.Spreading love.If use the shampoo twice seems a little tootime, you should at least you have a good time shampooing may be methods that meet your hair and take the time to scalp.Always massage your scalp gently with your fingertips.And not under any circumstances, use your nails, the strength of the urge to "zero" of your head.nails may be micro-lesions that increase the scalp shampoo sensitivity.Make aggressive and the total length of hair, soap, apply it well and leave it for at least a few minutes so that all agents have the timeto hair.If you make sure that the shampoo evenly and envelopes each strand of hair. Heavy on the water, right on the heat.Rinsing and drying are important steps in your hair beauty rituals like.Generously rinse your hair all the shampoo residue could complain Your hair can sometimes annoy your scalp.The very brave of you to rinse with cold water to remove the session to end.with cold water is a great way to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and hair beautifully shiny.Firstly, in the same way as the skin, so water on the surface of the hair can cause some dryencrusted And secondly, because wet hair is more of air pollutants: in other words, wet hair gets dirty faster.To dry your hair without damaging them with a dry towel.pat your hair to absorb moisture, untwisted prevent hair fibers, the risk of fracture.And if you can, with a hair dryer.If possible, try You give your hair a break from hair dryers, curlers, flat iron or curling wand.We all know that high temperatures applied and weaken the hair aggressive.If you regularly color and style your hair, do not forget, education or use a mask weekly.In repair hair meantime, take a few minutes to wash your hair with love and care to make the most of your shampoo, and keep hair in perfect condition.


History of ice cream

Ice cream is a prevalent desert among young people in the summertime. Do you get knowledge of it? Actually, ice cream is invented by Chinese. Its history can date back to thousands of years ago. A cook made a dessert for the emperor covering the mountain snow on the fruit. This may be the first ice cream in the world.

The Emperor Nero in Rome also credited first enjoyed a few ice traits. He sent his servants to the snow in mountainous areas, where it is mixed with nectar, honey and fruit pulp. The second version of "The History of Ice", Marco Polo brought the ice cream recipes from the Far East to Europe, back to 13 century. They say: "Sales have been used in ice water in Asia for thousands of years.

The ice came later in the year 1700, for example, when Governor Bladen of Maryland delighted guests with ice. In 1776 saw the ice cream parlor in America opened in New York in the first place. Inaugural ball in 1812 in seconds, Dolly Madison ice cream desert at the White House, create a strong impression on your customers.

Believes that the presence of other World’s Fair Ice is based in St. Louis 1904 when the cream ice bar was enough food to make multiple requests. For this reason, the seller has decided to deal with the seller to make the idea of an ice cream cookie reached the "horns of a lot."

In 1843 the New England housewife Nancy Johnson has been called "crank ice cream churn." While this invention patented invention is not sufficient to produce, market and finance of the product for you. For this reason, she sold her patent for $ 200 a grocery wholesaler in Philadelphia. In 1847, the wholesaler has enough ice to meet the requirements. Then, later, between 1847-1877, was more than sixty improvements patented ice box. And, of course, was sponsored by the ice time as he began producing on this scale. The ice plant in the first cream of the crop was founded in Baltimore in 1851 by a gentleman named Jacob Fussell.

In 1919, wine sales offices were closed, and there were many glaciers are open later in the United States. The ice was too dependent on the Americans. Demand will lead to the discovery of great importance for all lovers of ice cream: Ice cream chocolate cream. The first chocolate bar was actually called "The Scream" and was subsequently "Eskimo Pie". These Eskimo Pie is a supermarket and, of course, were delicious. In 1920, there was another discovery in the field of ice, and was named "bar atmosphere". He had a different flavor of ice cream, which was published in 1983, and became a creamy cookies a real Oreo N ". This type of Baskin-Robbins ice, which are sold in California, appeared in 1946. Cookies and Cream N was an instant hit, and suddenly reached the ice cream listed five "best-sellers.

Since 1983, there were other inventions, like the chocolate cookie dough very well. It was founded in 1991, a combination of raw dough, chocolate chips and semi-sweet vanilla ice cream.

Another killer is delicious with vanilla ice cream with honey or a blend of delicious fruits and fresh cream. If you add a little chocolate filling, melt the ice faster than you think you eat. We have every reason to thank the Chinese invented ice cream, and all others involved in the process of large and incredibly creative, to promote nerve taste of our humble and ambitious.


Make a diet program

Honestly speaking, reduce 5 pounds’ weight may be very easy. But, how about cutting 50 pounds? May be difficult. Whatever, taking off weight will not be easy.

There is no magic pill or drink secret is to win the Battle of the Bulge. And the result of hard work and lifestyle changes. However, many people find success with the support of weight loss programs like Weight Watchers commercial, tapas, or small groups of support, such as a hospital or university.

Studies show that these programs have a slight advantage compared to diet alone. People have a tendency to lose the weight again, and perhaps most importantly, it will take longer.

Encourage your personal space

Self-help groups, as found in weight loss programs can diet recipes, tips and exercises, words of encouragement. Lotte hearing others' and the success can be motivating and encouraging. Commercial applications are in that environment.

This type of social support can be the key to continued success. For example, in one study in two thirds of the weight loss with friends and social assistance programs receive an extra weight for six months. However, only a quarter of the partners, without friends and without additional social support managed to maintain their losses.

If you subscribe to a commercial weight loss, these tips:

Terms of assistance. One study found that people who have given at least 78 percent of meetings attended a program with more success than those who did not.

Is it better. In another study, a diet ends a 40-week program better than those who participated in a program of 20 weeks.

Even if you decide to lose weight on your own, it is important to seek help on the road. Share your own buddy system. To promote someone as a friend or family member is an essential component of successful weight loss, experts say.

Finding the right person

We all know that ads for "quick fix" diets seen. The signs of false accusations as "lose 30 pounds in 30 days" or "Look at the fat burning" have warned that bad - even dangerous -. The weight loss plans, popular diets, but some business - such as Atkins, Weight Watchers, Zone and Dean Ornish - can help you lose weight.

One study found that the weight loss average weight loss was almost equal among the four popular commercial programs. However, the rate of abandonment Atkins (low carb) and Ornish (low fat) was higher than the moderate diet Weight Watchers and the region. It can be difficult for some people to follow a diet too restrictive, especially if they have food, love their limits. Search for programs that fit your lifestyle and set realistic goals.

Losing is winning

The good news is that even a modest weight loss - 5 percent to 10 percent of their total body weight - has health benefits. This means that if you are 200 pounds, weighs only 10 pounds to lose can make a big difference. You can see the improvements in cholesterol and blood sugar blood pressure - not to mention your mood, energy and confidence. And maintaining a healthy weight can delay or prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Many popular diets can help you achieve your goals. Talk to your doctor about a program or a diet that is right for you.


DIY repair recipe for curly hair

Although curly hair is prone to chronic drought, regardless of the season, curly hair are more prone to this condition during the heat of the drought assistance summer.To versus curly hair, try this repair have moisturizing recipe.Apricots vitamin A oil is also ingredients.Olive full of vitamin E, which is preheated suited for the treatment of dry loops, kinks, coils and ringlets.Add 1 / 4 cup olive oil three apricot puree (organic if possible) until creamy with a septic removed.Mix apricots with olive oil. apply to pre-clean wet towel wiped hair.Although you can apply to dry hair, the best results are by most people with curly hair is obtained when applied to hair.Pat to clean wet finger into the hair. Focus mixing in the extremities or other spots.Plop damaged or dry on a shower cap or wrap it in plastic wrap or a hot mix towel.Allow own work up to 60 minutes.Rinse blend completely into a warm rinse hair conditioner if water. Add desired.When finished, rinse the mixture and / or rinse the conditioner thoroughly with cool or cold finished rinse.When improvement or any possible hair in the air dry in order to refine the effects of hydration treatment.To towel blot hair, apply a curl extension / anti-relaxer product
and the application of sections to maximize individual hair around her fingers and pen on the scalp to get air in beautiful ringlets.If they provide excellent results of this anti-drying agent to try it on your skin as dry as you well.If prefer, you can substitute olive oil , coconut oil moisturizer your other favourite hairs.