Jay-Z design uniforms for basketball Brooklyn Nets

Now that Jay-Z brings the New York Nets, it will ensure that they arrive in style. The king of hip-hop is planning to design a new uniform for his Brooklyn team nets when they move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY next year.

The New York Post, Hov is working with the Nets and Adidas to create the perfect uniform for his team basketball. "No matter what, the logo will be identified according to Brooklyn because the club wants to tap into the name of the district of popular brands worldwide," said an official.

The colors of the current Nets red, silver, white and blue will probably be changed, and their logo basketball. "Brooklyn will be involved in what we do," said Fred Mangione, director of marketing for the Nets and Barclays Center. "We will always tinkering with things along the way."

As we noted earlier, Jay-Z plans to conduct up to three (possibly eight) of concerts in a report three weeks gala to open the Barclays Center when it officially opens Sept. 28 2012. The 18,000-seat arena will be luxury suites designed by Hov himself, as well as a variety of food and clothing stores. "You know what it is, is the deep love," said Jay-Z. "[Notorious BIG] had 'spreading the love that is the way to Brooklyn. "A line is a deep love we have for our heroes. We walk around with that."


Competitor "X Factor" Siameze Floyd comes from the family Polyamorist

More information about Siameze Floyd, the fishnet shirt wearing, heel-athletes, the singer prince competitor "X Factor", has surfaced. Apparently, the artist was raised in a family polyamorist and his parents are currently five craft a reality show about their unconventional lifestyle. The show is tentatively titled "The Fabulous Floyd." He has not revealed this nugget of information during his hearing.

According to TMZ, the Fabulous Floyds are composed of Eric Floyd and his four wives (Wanda Aynixia, SATAI and Aurora) with her daughter and Siameze. Several networks interested in broadcasting the show, says the fam. The show will be followed by Floyd family as they navigate life in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The family says that they stuck mentally, spiritually and physically. In addition, the woman Wanda Dee (who is the biological mother Siameze), was a singer in the group KLF 90 years to Siameze musical roots run deep and are family. Wanda and Siameze share a special bond and she said that the family is more talented than people give them credit for.


UK residents accuse Britney Spears of promoting gun violence in "criminal" Video

Britney Spears is promoting across the pond "Femme Fatale", and even squeezed in the video shoot for her new single "criminal" while abroad in England. However, given the fact that Brit Brit was seen packing heat in the video has generated quite a stir among the British residents, who consider Brit brandishing a gun as a promotion of gun violence. They also consider his actions reckless in light of recent local events.

Digital Spy reports that people are asking Brit to apologize for what they see as irresponsible behavior. Photos of the show shooting Brit and her boyfriend Jason Trawick dropping a convenience mart. Brit is holding a rifle in one hand and on returning to his skinnies in another.

The VID was filmed in Stoke Newington, London and officials are unhappy because the area was affected by the recent British riots. Hackney Council told London Tonight: "In this case, we do not agree that a replica gun could be used to Stoke Newington Town Hall and we are disappointed. We will be raising this issue with the production company. "So it's not as local officials have no reason to be upset, given the recent unrest in the region.

An apology is not all that people would like from the pop diva. Councillor Ian Rathbone added: "I think she should apologize and make a large donation to a charity that deals with young people of Hackney ... For the rudeness and the damage it has done to this community. "

Hackney MP Diane Abbott has expressed some sympathy for Brit, recognizing that "Only a music video." However, it believes that weapons idealization is far more dangerous than it seems. Abbott continued "It's images like that, with gangs Popstars idealization, which means that some young people get in. ... Make Britney should really know better."


Jason Derulo party talks learning from Gaga

Ja-son Derulo! This is the intro signature has launched a number of hits from the Miami native first hit the scene with "Whatcha Say" in 2009. Derulo used a mix of pop, dance and R & B to score three multi-platinum singles from his debut album and won slots on tour with Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas.

September 27, news 21, his second album, "Future History", which includes the hits "Do not Want to Go Home 'and' It Girl." In addition to clarifying the rumors that he dated her "It Girl" music video co-star Tika Sumpter - he dismissed the reports with a casual partner, "Nah, that's not true" - Jason Derulo spoke PopCrush on his new album, his future career of acting, and his one-month anniversary (!) celebration.

How different are you now as a person when you recorded your first album, and is this reflected in the music on "History of the Future"?
 Absolutely, the fact that I have grown so much as an artist, as a singer, performer, and especially as a man, has definitely changed my music, because I always write music based of who I am. So the fact that I'm different as a man [meaning] that my music is very different. It's a little more edgy. You will find a lot more emotion in it.

One of the songs on your new album is called "Dumb," a title that is really intriguing. What is this song?
 The title is essentially about, after a traumatic experience, the first couple of emotions that cross your mind [that] you are blaming, anger and sadness. That's basically what it is, just beating on me to always think that the situation was going to work or never thought the situation was good.


Patrick Stump act tracklisting of Soul Punk

Patrick Stump have shared the release date (October 18) and the cover art for his new album "Punk Soul" the only details to be announced the tracklisting was that we finally have, courtesy of idolatry.

As said Stump PopCrush last month, he is personally responsible for the entirety of 'Punk Soul ", including text, voice, instruments and production.

This means that the primary version of his single "This city is a solo recording, but the remix with rapper from Chicago and his colleagues native Lupe Fiasco is nailed to a bonus track.

Also featured is highlighted "Spotlight (New regrets)," an infectious air that appeared online several months ago.

The album does not have a spiritual song titles full sentence that were a trademark of Fall Out Boy Stump. But that makes sense - those always seemed like Pete Wentz idea, anyway.


Best of British

It's typical that on a day Britain secured its best ever results in a Grand Tour, the armchair critics get their knives out to dissect the Woome.
On an historic occasion for both Britain and Team Sky, Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins stood either side of Vuelta winner Juan Jose Cobo in Madrid - the first time two British riders have made the podium in one of cycling's three biggest events.
But as the remaining 167 riders zipped through the streets of Madrid, you can bet fickle British cycling fans wholly devoid of any stage-race sense were complaining about a lack of attack from Team Sky.
Just like, a day earlier, 'fans' chastised Sky for not blowing apart the field on the flat run into Vitoria - and Froome for not getting off his lazy backside and taking the 20 bonus seconds at the finish.
Sadly - or perhaps, thankfully - cycling's not as easy as that.
Yes, 13 seconds may seem like a very precarious lead, but in stage cycling it is a big enough cushion - the equivalent of an away goal in football in the second leg, or an eight-point lead in rugby as the game enters the final five minutes.
Saddles also has some prime Irun Basque beef with those nitpickers who hold issue with Sky for not making Froome the designated team leader earlier in the race.
Yes, Froome rode a superb ITT to move into the red jersey - but even then, he was only 20 seconds clear of Wiggins with 11 stages left to ride. What's more, a day later, Wiggo leap-frogged his team-mate into red - where he stayed until Cobo's magnificent ride up the Angliru.
According to most fans who clearly know better, Sky should have made Wiggins work for Froome on the Angliru.
So that's Wiggins, a rider who was brought into the team to spearhead its GC chances on the back of his fourth place in the 2009 Tour, to forego his own ambitions - two months after seeing his Tour shattered along with a collarbone - for a rider who hadn't completed a Grand Tour for more than two years and whose highest overall position was 36th.
Supposing Alberto Contador was wearing the yellow jersey on the eve of the Tour's stage to Alpe d'Huez back in July, do you honestly reckon Bjarne Riis would have instructed him to ride in support of Riche Porte instead?
Forget the gift of hindsight - cycling works within strict unwritten rules of hierarchy and honour. Wiggins was Sky's man - that's why they paid so much to bring him to the team - and with him in red, there was never any way they were going to humiliate him in favour of - let's face it - an unproven rookie of dubious provenance.
And lest we forget: in the moments before Wiggins hitting the wall on the Angliru, Froome himself looked like he was in serious bother; at one stage, he almost fell off his bike with exhaustion on the arduous 23 percent section 2km from the finish.
Granted, Froome became the team's leader after that stage - and he confirmed his class with a glorious ride to Pena Cabarga that saw him inch within 13 seconds of the summit.
That he failed to make up that seemingly tiny time margin - despite his best efforts in the Basque Country - shouldn't be seen as a failure. The fact that he came so close should be celebrated - it could even be the making of a new British sports star.
The public should be over the moon instead of over the Froome. Wiggins has confirmed his ability - and Froome, four years his junior, offers much promise for his Sky team going forward.

Of course, such promise could be shackled by a need to ride in support of Mark Cavendish - but that eventuality will be dealt with if and when it happens.

Empowering Women through 'Women and Girls Lead'

September, it seems, began in retrograde: not one of the films opening on Labor Day weekend was directed by a woman.
Meanwhile the holiday's big femme-centric feature, the French thriller "Love Crime,"has an older and younger woman--formidably portrayed by Kristin Scott-Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, respectively--pitted against each other in mortal competition. No siree, sisterhood was not this month's starter.
However, September does see the launch of "Women and Girls Lead," a multiyear, multiplatform, global femme-centric cinematic initiative intended to raise consciousness about issues and empower women to take action against gender bias and other social injustice. "Women and Girls Lead" is created by ITVS, the nonprofit that provides much of the content for PBS, and partnering organizations, including the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and the Girl Scouts.
The heart of the initiative will be the broadcast of 50 female-empowering documentary features on public television, with a rich variety of interactive online opportunities.
Now, back to movies in the mainstream. Two notable movies come to theaters today, Sept. 9. "Tanner Hall," a first feature written and directed by Tatiana von Furstenberg (Diane's daughter) and Francesca Gregorini (Barbara Bach's daughter, Ringo Starr's step- daughter), is a coming-of-age drama about four teens trying to define themselves and their life goals while attending an exclusive Rhode Island boarding school. The film is a strong ensemble piece, starring Rooney Mara, whose breakout performance here led to her casting for the role of Liz Salander in the upcoming English version of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."
The second opener is Heather Courtney's "Where Soldiers Come From," another coming-of-age story. This one is a documentary about high school buddies from rural Michigan -- from the director's hometown, in fact -- who join the National Guard and are unexpectedly deployed to Afghanistan, where they explode IEDs and are so completely traumatized they can't re-enter civilian life. Courtney chronicles their stories with compassion and insight, capturing their personalities and quirks. These are good kids.
Each is every mother's son. And their disillusionment and anguish are heart wrenching. A must-see! Sept. 16 brings four intriguing openings. An older women is at the heart of the story told in "My Afternoons With Margueritte," a charming French film (with English subtitles). Gisele Casadesus plays the title role, a well-read senior citizen who befriends a lonely and illiterate younger man (played by Gerard Depardieu), and they give each other purpose. It's a lovely story and a lovely film fizzing with star chemistry.


Justin Timberlake Claims His Music Is A "bread And Butter"

If he had his way, Justin Timberlake would probably be doing promo for the continuation of the 2006 FutureSex / LoveSounds at this time, it's just that those pesky film roles need to get a sense.

That victory in a new interview Timberlake gave my list of the British journal (with the exaggeration of the British version of one of these films, "friends with benefits") in which he spoke openly his desire to return to music, and the public perception that he deliberately ignored his career as an artist.

"To be honest, my plan would probably have to make another record, probably at this moment. Do not stop calling myself a musician. For me it's my life," he said. "And I mean that in a personal way, not to say that supports my" hobby to act. "I joke with my friends must have a card saying:" David Fincher put me in a movie, 'because' bad teacher 'are a blessing, because "The Social Network" and "Friends with benefits" out of this .

"All the films I made were only the opportunities that have arisen, but are now all back to back, people think," Oh, he tries to make a statement with a career actress, '"he said." But it's not for me. I do not want to stop playing music. "

Of course, in recent months, Timberlake music production has been limited to a brief appearance in a video for "On Hoodies, Hat Low", a song of his records Tennman FreeSol artist ', and an impromptu performance with the band in a restaurant he co - owner in New York. But he insists he never really decided to put his solo career on the stage. He just kind of shook this way, to the dismay of his fans who began to make impassioned (and slightly profane), pleas for his return.

"The only conscious decision I made was that I did not make a film about a musician, because I felt that there was overbearing," he told the magazine. "If" Bad Teacher "was released before" social networking ", it can be a little slow because people are accustomed to seeing me on" Saturday Night Live 'and thought, "Well, it's a not funny. "I never liked to be taken seriously as a musician."

So when can fans expect to hear new music from Justin Timberlake? Well, from the sound of things, it might be a while. For the immediate future, he focused on just disappear for a while.

"I have nothing on my album of the year. I'm getting tired of me," Timberlake said. "I understand that I am very lucky place because, to be honest, I do not think I'm that good. I just want to make the right choices. At a certain age where you do not feel validated in their choice of career. I want to be validated in more choices of your life. "

Tips When Buying Ones Own Lace Front Wig Remy

Anyone can wear 3 / 4 wig remy. This accessory is not just for people with thinning hair, but also those of you who wish to look further without the long-term change to their real hair. Among the different types of wigs on the market, they Remy wide lace front wigs top ranked as the most desirable. It seems natural that they create the illusion of real hair on your scalp. When purchasing goods, will be here the things you need to consider.

Natural pores and skin tone

Once you select a Remy Lace Front wigs, to take account of the natural color of skin you have. And 'that is essential to match the shade of the color lace your scalp to achieve a natural look. You can ask someone to check out the nuances that give the color as close as possible. You can narrow your options by comparing the skin using a variety of well known artists Remy lace wig. Paying for care with this criterion, the hair may seem more realistic for you to give.


If you use the lace front wigs remy with your makeup, the pitch of the cosmetics you can expect from their use. Whether you are allowed to be darker or lighter, maybe. It also has to match its socket. In the event that the fit is not equal to your makeup, put a little base in the fit of Will It Blend while using remaining hair of an individual.


In preparation for the purchase of your lace wig, hair measuring the size that you aspire to be. You start your measure of your scalp to the desired length. The best thing is to get the exact dimensions, because the price of remy lace front wigs also depends on the length. Instead of buying an accessory for a long time, the room we could save money.


Cody Simpson, A Popular Import

It is out of the question Cody Simpson could someday lose his Australian accent - the pop star 14 years has left Australia in June 2010 and now resides in Los Angeles, after all. However, Simpson will do everything possible to prevent this from happening, and his reasoning has little to do with the pride of Australia.

"And 'my biggest advantage with the girls," Simpson said, hours before performing in front of 1,100 screaming fans in the Orland Square Mall in Orland Park on Friday. "I'm going to try to keep my accent as much as they can."

The benefits do not stop there. In addition to singing, Simpson - plays guitar and seems to be a decent dancer - who has not released a full length album, but has 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

He had little choice with it. "When I came to the United States, (my label) said, 'You have to dance," said Simpson.

Simpson is currently working with a choreographer in addition to singing lessons, which started six months ago. He said very little voice training when he found on YouTube by the record producer Shawn Campbell and initially doubted that he was ready to become a singer.
"I said," If I have improved? "I had not had a lot of experience out loud before," said Simpson, who was a promising swimmer with Olympic aspirations achieved. "But apparently it worked."

Simpson has worked with rapper Flo Rida's first single, "iYiYi" in May 2010. They release a new EP, "Coast to Coast", which promotes the current mall tour, September 20 and expects its long-term studio album will hit stores the next year.

"It was really crazy," said Simpson of the trip. "There has been increasing all the malls we go. He was like 4000-5000 people at the mall in Detroit. "

Simpson has learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to its growing fan base ("You'll be walking and they come out of nowhere," he said) and he was forced to adapt their shrill cry - not that he complained.

"I'm ear to follow to avoid external noise when I'm performing," Simpson said. "It 's easier. But sometimes I want to take your ear and listen to the monitor to go crazy.

"It all started to take off in recent months, so this is all new to me."

Britney Spears: 'It Be Cool To Run The Prince William And Kate '

Britney Spears has revealed she would like to play for Prince William and Kate.

29 years old, the singer admitted that she is a big fan of the royal couple, who married earlier this year and said it would be a dream come true for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with one of their shows.

"It would be fantastic. It would be really crazy and cool. I think they are beautiful couple and I totally respect and admire, "she told Glamour magazine, adding that she found hilarious" by William apparently had a poster of her on his wall when he was a teenager.


With An Emphasis On Complementing Hair Style

Actually, make-up was strong enough to fight the glare of the lights, but also provide a wide range of possible make-up artists, some beauty show this model creativitys Fang, along with the secret of the game in 1827, the ' Royal Naval officer, Captain William Edward Parry, led the expedition to Svalbard, which is specifically designed to reach the North Pole is four issues of social initiatives, the company is currently in force: MAC cruelty without beauty, recycling back to Mac, Mac Kids Help your children and the MAC AIDS Fund, however, if the woman is looking for the absolute purchase of a new architecture to accumulate in the face at the beginning and hip, while this is it is just an extra line of information is not

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3WE promise you the best price and good enough not to neglect your Mac make-up discount coupons could return to the store Hint: blue, green, amber or amethyst eye shadow, help you reach the eaves added Tiffany corrective color them cheap you can even attach the line, as in the alternate-painted Needless to say, even if a number of coach making of them are aware of the word, not necessarily the achievement of many the amount of helmet monster really good way to highlight comes later, but keep up the mac address how to place your highlighter, just because if misused, your highlighter is your eye sees as well as large and as good beadyLighted mirrors, illuminated mirrors the efforts of both the natural light of Hermes sales deepen membership options

Madonna Material Girl Original. His Clothing Line? Maybe Not

Was there any resonance in the "Material Girl" Madonna sentence before he said in a now classic 1985 song? (If you need a reminder of his lost youth, here's the awesome music video with Madonna channeled Marilyn Monroe.) Material Girl Madonna has become - a nickname that sticks through 25 years of image transformations. When Madonna has launched a clothing line in 2010, it was almost inevitable, had to use the name of the label.

The only problem? A California company called The Triumph said it owned the rights to the brand Material Girl. A predecessor company, he said, had a trademark in California and sold clothing under the label Material Girl 1997 to 2003. In August 2010, counsel for defendant Triumph Los Angeles, John Tehranian of an LLP, Madonna and his company, requesting a declaration that it has rights in the name of the Material Girl.

The lawyers of Greenberg Traurig Madonna Madonna managed to get the case dismissed in November 2010, but the federal judge in Los Angeles, San James Otero said that the claims against him, the company could proceed. Greenberg, then move in one sentence summary. Material Girl Madonna has created a character, when he started singing, and performed in concerts around the world, his lawyers said. It was the phrase used goods for over 20 years, long before the Los Angeles thought that the registration of the mark Triumph Material Girl California.

Thursday, Judge Otero rejected the motion for summary judgment. "The singing of a song does not create a brand," he wrote in the order of seven pages. "The defendants can not establish as a matter of law that Madonna was the top mark to the user throughput due to its" material girl. "The judge also found that the use of Madonna of the ruling on property has not given their rights together as a matter of law, as witnesses offered conflicting testimony about when Madonna started the label with the Material Girl clothing brand. (One of the lawyers who helped create the clothing company For example, said it was his idea to call the Material Girl clothing line.)

Triumph predecessor had left Los Angeles, California recording the failures brand, but Judge Otero said it is a matter for the jury. So now Madonna may have to go in attempting to maintain the rights to the label of Material Girl. (Neither side's lawyers called me back.)

I'm not too worried about Madonna, if she is forced to abandon the brand Material Girl. What about a clothing line called "Lucky Star"? Or better yet: "Like a Virgin"? It would provide spark interesting discussions between parents and their daughters in the department Juniors.


5 Tips To Promote Products That Are Made For Good

Conspicuous consumption is a term that sounds familiar to any economist, but two experts, who happen to be the couple's twin brother and sister, Alison and Steve Sexton, have invented a new term called extraordinary conservation. We must look beyond the domain of the Prius is the environment, including the cities of Berkeley agree that there is a tendency for people to buy products that are good for the Earth in ways that are relevant to their intended neighbors.
September marketing has proven to increase sales, commitment and loyalty, but the new models are incorporated in the generosity of a fad or a new base? Knowing what we do in the phenomenon of human behavior, which shines in the store, maybe we can use this concept to our advantage, and - most importantly - an advantage as the need to establish a new standard for consumer products.
Take for example clothing. Made for good is a new consortium of clothing brands like-minded currently Jedidiah, MusiCares clothes, cute feet, and the United Network artist T rain each sale of product to use to raise money for charity. There are five main ways that this brand is the use of conspicuous consumption of the beneficiaries of the brand:
Align with the causes that people recognize and care about. Made for each brand of clothing hits the nonprofit Good partners and use the built-in generosity to raise funds through the sale of its products. They are carefully selected cases, which are also strong recognition, such as World Vision, MusiCares and the rainforests of Central America.
Give your clients a good way to show their work. All products Made for Good Made For good sign of authenticity, which is the flag of those around you who care about more than good, what you wear - pants also helped to serve people in need, or to save the world.
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the story of Made for Good might sound familiar by now. There are no shortage of brands that have infused models of embedded generosity into their companies to increase both sales and support for their related causes. The “one for one” model has been introduced into companies who sell everything from shoes (TOMS) to bed mattresses (Into Bed We Go) to reading glasses (Warby Parker) and there is a long history of brands like Patagonia who have seen success in embedded generosity models. We’re even seeing major corporations pick up on the trend, such as L’Oreal Paris, who has raised millions to fight ovarian cancer through sales of their Color of Hope cosmetics collection, and SONY, Verizon, Kodak and other companies who are employing the service of the Glue Network.
Armed with the awareness that the more they grow, the more they give, this is just the beginning for the Made for Good collective and, I believe, the embedded generosity model as a fundamental building block for a wide range of companies.

Presentation Of "The Story Of The Beautiful Girl"

I was in two minds when it comes to choosing the story of the beautiful girl Rachel Simon for reading my work in September.
It's not because I had doubts about the prospects of the book. The first chapters are attractive as the comments were extremely positive and every novel that makes New York Times bestseller list two weeks after the publication must have something special.
I was not sure if I wanted to choose a book that had the potential to be a key of the heart. Read Options are often influenced by our moods, and spring in the door it was tempting to choose something light and fun.
But when you examine other weakened in September, my mind kept coming back to the story of the beautiful girl. Embark on a stormy night in rural Pennsylvania when the two fugitives of the Pennsylvania State School incurable and weak-minded to wash the eve of the elderly widow, Martha, crushing a baby.
Lynnie ago, a young white man with an intellectual disability, and Homan, a deaf African American man. Back to School, Homan is known simply as the number forty-two.
He does not know the name Lynnie so he calls his beautiful daughter.
When the authorities come down farm in Martha, escapes Lynndie Homa and pulled away in a straitjacket, pray for Martha to hide the child.
The story is told in Chapter 40 of the three votes. Lynnie, institutionalized and dreams of Homan and her lost child, Martha, a baby exotic travel, and Homan, on the run and try to return to Beautiful Girl.
The book is dedicated "to those who were out" and tells of the most vulnerable have been locked away in institutions, often neglected or abandoned.
Critics have praised the compassionate and honest approach to Simon's question what living with a disability. The first chapters contain powerful image that reveals how Lynnie Homan and see the world. Lynnie is on the back of police car, putting her head to the "flow like ribbons of color," because he had long ago discovered that when "stop the head of a circle, his mind has landed on another place and time. "
Then there Homa, interpreting the intentions of others, their facial expressions. Face does not scream and talk face baby "the face of most people hear when they put the stick on the deafness of Homan."
Simon is an area on the form. His best-selling memory, Riding the bus with my sister, is a chronicle of the past year accompanied by her sister, Beth, who has a developmental disability and loves to ride the bus in an unnamed city Pennsylvania. The experience led Simon to a new appreciation of his sister as an independent person with strong views about how you live your own life, and to reconsider its own obsession with working life close.
"Both fascinating and moving, [the story of the beautiful girl] is designed to be enjoyed not only reading," Weiss wrote Holly in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. "Deftly nuanced and coined, the book explores our compassion and intolerance towards people different from us. "
In the end, I decided to History of the pretty girl, because it seemed like an important book, a book that deserves to be read and thought about a book that could challenge my thinking. Or, as The Washington Post said, "a work of fiction committed to a very disturbing truth."
I can not wait for the trip and to discuss the book with author Rachel Simon the next Q and A. If you have a question Rachel, please send an e-mail to us before Thursday, September 8, with the author's e-mail link.
There is still time to enter our competition to win a copy of the History of the pretty girl. Click here to enter. Tuesday, September Bronwyn has the function of reading, rules of civilization by Amor Towles.


Classic Beauty: Makeup History

Author and founder of Besame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez, will take the Grand Tour is a rich history of trends and styles in the face of his new book, "The beauty of classical. Makeup story" Enjoy this journey of historic exploration and many of the trends and styles of classical beauty shows through the ages.

Atglen, Pa. (PRUnderground) August 31, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Through the decades, the concept of what defines a beautiful face that has never been consistent. This reference is consistent with the concept of life evolving from what defines beauty, highlighting historical trends and the evolution of innovations in eye makeup, face and lips. Vintage Art fascinating and fun, detailed guidelines for applying makeup, and innovative profiles of famous connoisseurs, and the iconic faces provide information about the rich history of the new face of old to today.

Enjoy over 430 images, calendars and detailed color palettes add color correction showing the changing definition of beauty and makeup innovations documents, the first mascara on the actual products that have evolved over the history of cosmetics. This book is ideal for colorful make-up artist, cosmetologist, educator, student, and fans of the overall composition.

Gabriela Hernández career has included photography, art direction, painting, art and design commissions, as well as founder and CEO of Bésame cosmetics, which can be found in boutiques and specialty stores worldwide. His photographs were published in magazines such as Bon Appetit, Los Angeles Times, and form. Gabriela has written articles for the magazine Bust and Readers Digest. Gabriela currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.


Melbourne Tops The List Of Best Cities

Almost a decade at the top, Vancouver is the latest success in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city and home to two of the largest mining company in the world, the study of the world's best cities to live.
Resource-rich Canada and Australia have much in the top 10 of the 140 cities ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit, despite the rising cost of living is partly explained by the strong local currency.
Melbourne slipped at one point only semi-annual report based on a slight decline in scores infrastructure in the western city of Canada, EIU said. And 'pushed to third in Vancouver back in Vienna, the highest ranking city.
The result will strengthen the bragging rights for Melbourne, which has maintained its leading position in the Sydney study, which points a place to sixth. Australian cities, Perth and Adelaide is tied in eighth place, rounded at the top of the ranking of the nation Pacific cities.
Straddling the River Yarra, Melbourne has a coffee stain European style coffee culture and restaurants and a hidden passion for sports, including an annual Formula Grand Prix, cricket, rugby and Australian football is home. And while Western Australia and vast resources of eastern Queensland host iron ore and coal, which operates the country's exports, Melbourne is home to the company the world's largest mining company BHP Billiton Ltd. the local offices of Rio Tinto plc and many other resource companies.
"Australia, with low population density and relatively low crime, continues to deliver some of the most livable cities in the world," said Jon Copestake, editor of the study.
But it looks like the country feel the stress that mining boom has led to a two-speed economy, when other sectors facing a strong dollar and cheap Australian imports. House prices have risen dramatically over the past ten years, but sales of new homes fell 8% to its lowest level in July, then in January 2000 figures, this week, Housing Industry Association.
At the same time, Vancouver can take comfort from the fact that he slipped in the rankings, mainly because of the intermittent closure of Highway Malahat last key, EIU said, though he added that the fighting in June, after the NHL Stanley Cup finals between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins won the Cup as City slip score remains for future studies.
Cities are rated on the political and social stability, crime rates and access to health care quality. The survey also measures the level and variety of cultural and natural environment, education and standard of infrastructure, including public transport.
Honolulu is the city's highest-ranked 26 among the U.S., followed by Pittsburgh in the 30th. Harare, Zimbabwe, the city remained the lowest rank.

This Daughter Of Yellow Boots: Much Riding On Kalki

Swimming in the warm glow of success Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where she played Natasha, tense and the bride and Abhay Deol accidentally, Kalki Koechlin actress is back on the big screen this week, that girl with yellow boots to try his strength in a city hostile to the search of their roots.
Koechlin, unusual features mysterious face that launched her husband and director Anurag Kashyap for the first time, Dev D, school girl turned sex worker Leni. Critical, then they were confused about what position to take. It has never been close to the traditional "heroine" of material, but it was surprisingly clear in his works.
It seemed innocent, even though it has attracted customers by telephone in several languages. Chanda, another name for his character, but it just seemed powerless, even in scenes where the company makes fun of her.
She was the revelation of the film, especially for those audiences who had heard of the "telephone call", but had never seen the divas behind the voice. She played in the objective function of sensitivity, rather Chanda any "vaporous" perception. His frail, along with silence deliberately used Kalki is credible.
Dev D Kalki was the next after Shaitan, Anurag Kashyap other production, which was a challenging role of a young woman with mental disabilities. Again he remained true to his character. At that time, when new Bollywood actresses like Sonam, Deepika, Asin and others are busy doing the same kind of role in film after film, showed the promise of experience. It is true that not considered a fan of people, but began to spread in a continuation of the fan.
ZNMD not give him ample opportunity to stand out among the crowd, but she tried to leave his mark. She was not given a lot of Punch Lines and screen time. In a nutshell, it was just filler.
One thing that makes it special is the Kalki his writing skills. Sometimes it seems that Kalki trying too hard to stay faithful to the narrative of the author, rather than his instincts. For example, take these scenes from Shaitan, where you're trying to repeat the clichés, because the writer had put them on paper, in which he could easily keep track of your method works. This is reflected in a confrontation scenes in particular.
Scripture Kalki will be under the scanner with the release of the girl in yellow boots, which she co-authored, but the relay passed the screen Cine TGIYB and promotions to give the first advantage.